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Alumashade Blog

What are Alumashade Structures?

Alumashade is a term we use to describe any aluminum shade structure that has a wood grain embossed finish.  These structures are designed to look like a wood structures when they are completed unlike the old “mobile home style” aluminum patio covers which have a smooth aluminum finish.

Our shade structures also carry a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty on the paint finish which is one of the biggest reasons our customers purchase Alumashade.  No more painting that wood patio cover every few years to keep it looking good!

Alumashade structures are made of recycled aluminum.  Recycling aluminum is far less expensive and energy-intensive than creating new aluminum. Recycling aluminum only requires about 5% of the energy to make new aluminum.

We use Alumashade as a general term to describe the many embossed aluminum shade products on the market. These products are made by several different manufactures. Although these structures are almost identical in appearance each manufacturer has their own name brand for their particular product.  These brands include: Alumawood, Weatherwood, Elitewood, Classic Lattice, Ultra Lattice & DuraCool.

When receiving a “Quick Quote” request from a customer we take into consideration their design parameters, required loads, location, delivery options and the overall price point of the product.  We then choose the best match between their project and the available products.

Here at we have over 30 years experience in constructing and designing Alumashade structures. We can help guide you through your entire project, from design to completion.


Features of Alumashade include:

  • Heavy header beam construction
  • Richly textured woodgrain finish
  • Weather resistant paint finish
  • Color-matching fasteners
  • Variety of popular colors
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