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Alumashade Blog

Alumashade Mitered Corners

Here we can see both ends of the mitered corner we did on an Alumashade structure at a fire station in Perris, CA.

This job had double 3×8 headers and 3×8 rafters.  We used a custom 3×8 ledger wrap by ripping down a 3×8 header beam and placing it over a 2×8 wood ledger.  We put up the wood ledger, countersunk the lag bolts and then covered it all with our ledger wrap. Notice how we angled the ends of the ledger board to accommodate the 3 rafters coming off the corner.

You can do almost any of the custom applications with Alumashade that you can with wood.

The benefit of using Alumwood or Weatherwood from is no rotting, warping, painting, termite damage and it won’t burn!


Features of Alumashade include:

  • Heavy header beam construction
  • Richly textured woodgrain finish
  • Weather resistant paint finish
  • Color-matching fasteners
  • Variety of popular colors
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