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Alumashade Blog

Attaching a Lattice cover to the wall

We received this question today about ledger boards.

“Is it possible to attach rafters to my stucco wall directly and not use the ledger board?”

You may attach the Alumashade rafters directly to the wall of your house as long as the rafter brackets are screwed into solid wood. This wood can be on the wall like a ledger board or may be inside the wall behind the plaster or siding that cover the wall.

Attaching directly to the wall without a ledger board is possible if you have:
1. A two story house. You could attach the Alumashade rafters at the rim joist height where the second floor is. There would be solid wood in this area.
2. Over windows and/or doors in the wall as they will have a large header (solid wood) above them. This is usually not the case for the entire length of the cover though.

If you have just an open wall where there are 2×4 studs at 16″ o.c. it would be very difficult to try to attach the rafter hangers to the studs individually.

The rafters are normally 24″ o.c. on an Alumashade cover. We can put the Alumashade rafters 16″ o.c. for an additional cost (as there would be more rafters) but a framed wall is never exactly and uniformly 16″ o.c. There almost always will be windows & doors that will break up the 16″ o.c. layout pattern of the wall studs, therefore, your Alumashade rafters wouldn’t be uniformly 16″ o.c., it would look really bad trying to do it this way.

There are a few different ways to do ledger boards. Look through our blogs for more information.


Features of Alumashade include:

  • Heavy header beam construction
  • Richly textured woodgrain finish
  • Weather resistant paint finish
  • Color-matching fasteners
  • Variety of popular colors
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